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The Founder

Mr. Vineet Relia is a thought leader and strategist, widely quoted and interviewed by the national media and publications. He enjoys introducing innovative ideas, implementing new processes, streamlining workflows and is capable of developing High Performance Teams through training and development efforts.

With a B. Tech from the renowned institution Manipal Institute of Technology, Mr. Relia has a proven record of 25+ years in steering business operations across India region & managing the start-up and growth of ventures, and handling investors relations for private & public listed companies, giving him the unique perspective of understanding the interim management required for a company facing challenges and gaps as it goes through a change.

A champion of change and a versatile professional, having proven capabilities in setting up & expanding offices and establishing profit centers, recommending strategic road maps and best practices for driving business growth and operational excellence.

With over 2 decades of proven track record in accelerating business profitability and driving operational excellence in association with renowned blue-chip companies, Mr. Relia has been a crucial player in the restructuring and resurrection of many companies across industries/in the real estate industry.

Vineet has a visionary persona capable of ‘Visualizing ‘Big Picture’ and is strongly influenced by a “Client-First” approach, having demonstrated success in establishing the organizations as market leaders by penetrating in new markets, strengthening the distribution network, launching new products/services and setting up a robust operational framework.

Self-starter with strong leadership skills & passionate about establishing long lasting relationships. Possesses exceptional cross-functional expertise about the quality, systems, Financial management, New Product/Services Development, Automation & re-engineering initiatives.

Our Logo

The wolf spirit animal meaning in Native American mythology conveys strength and courage. A symbol of freedom and wisdom, the wolf often appears to guide your journey of self-discovery.
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