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Real Estate

The real estate sector is one of the most internationally well-known sectors. In India, real estate is the second major sector/employer following agriculture and is scheduled to rise at 30% over the next decade. Currently, the real estate and construction sectors are playing a central role in the overall growth of India’s core infrastructure. The real estate industry’s magnification is connected to progress in the retail, hospitality and leisure industries, fiscal services and information technology enabled services. ​

Who All Need Interim Management in Real Estate?

  • Insourcing Vs. Outsourcing​

  • Limited Leverage Of External Expertise​

  • Local Vs. National Focus​

  • Lack Of Liquidity​

  • No Standardization​

  • Lack Of Approvals​

  • Lack of Management Depth

Two key landmark Judgements of The Supreme Court which has reset the rules

Amarpali, Unitech Judgements

  1. Promoters, Lenders & land Authorities all in collusion.

  2. Development Management to NBCC @ 8%.

  3. Customer interest to be Supreme to all.

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