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Interim Management Advantages


Managers remain outside the firm’s politics hence they are able to address issues from a point of neutrality. This can be useful when difficult decisions have to be made.

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Time Focused

Interim managers are available on short notice. Once engaged, they will focus on providing significant value within the agreed fixed-term time parameters, seeing the assignment through and for not longer than needed, to a conclusion.

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Wide Expertise

With a strong track record of completing a variety of assignments, interim managers combine depth and breadth of expertise in their chosen sectors and disciplines. Their agility gives them the wide-reaching expertise to deliver results quickly.

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Offers Accountability

Interim managers take full and direct responsibility for the tasks and assignments including delivery of objectives, budget control, resource management and on-time delivery in accordance with scope of the assignment.

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Interim Management Solutions

The RAS (Relia Advisory Services) Team is an elite group of CXOs who are experts at providing support, solutions, and strategies during business contingencies/ exigencies.

The RAS Team is the only team you need to help you take action and help you get results – especially in a period of change and uncertainty. We offer flexible services to companies that are under insolvency or facing critical challenges like customer activism, family disputes, project lender disputes, shareholder disputes, etc.



Typical Assignment Lifecycle for Interim Management

Life Cycle


Preliminary assessment and definition if scope and objectives


Detailed Interim Management assignment objectives and plan.


Interim Manager ensures that objectives have been met. Knowledge handover.

Role of Interim Managers to an Organization

Change Management

Interim managers have the skills and experience to make change happen in the best interests of the organization without engaging in the organization’s politics


Interim managers possess expert business perspective that enables them to have major impact in turnaround  situations.

Deluxe GAP Filler

Gaps caused by executive absences and other organizational departures can be filled by interim managers. If used widely ,they can provide significant value added services while delivering organizational business as usual

Extra Additional Resource

To support a specific project or time-sensitive activity, interim managers are the ideal solution, bringing their expertise and extensive experience to bear on the behalf of the business concerned.


Uses of Interim Management

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